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(NOT-GRADED COURSES through our Vimeo Video On Demand Channel)

important Read Before Proceeding

  • Thank you for considering the recorded only courses via our Vimeo Video on Demanad Channel. Apologia Online Academy recognizes that each homeschool is unique, and we do our best to give you options that fit your family’s needs. RECORDED ONLY courses work well in a home where students are fairly independent in their studies, but might need occasional assistance with understanding more difficult concepts taught by seasoned instructors. Please understand that your students will not have any access to the Apologia Online Academy instructors with the recorded only option and will not receive a grade from Apologia or Apologia Online Academy. By choosing this option you are agreeing that you wish to do your own schedule, syllabus, assignments, tests, and grading without connecting with our teachers. You are aware that you are watching recordings from LIVE classes complete with discussions, questions, chat box, administrative issues, and not 'studio-produced' recordings (see "Video Instruction DVD's" at Apologia.com for professionally produced DVD's of some science courses).
  • Important Note:
    • LIVE/Graded:  Choose from our 60-90 minute LIVE and interactive classes broadcast straight to your computer (best option) by clicking LIVE CLASSES above. Or rent individual or full course videos of our live classes (Recorded/Only). Read more below, before viewing class trailers and renting courses.
    • With the Biblical apologetics courses from Apologia Online Academy, students aged 12 and up are trained to answer the tough questions about the Christian faith. Courses are taught from a biblical worldview including our engaging and interesting science courses which are uniquely and effectively designed to prepare you for college and life.
  1. Rent Individual or Full Course Videos Recorded During our Live Classes:
    • Entire full year of 28-32 sessions – Recorded from the previous school year.
    • Current year – Recorded as they occur and placed into your account with a new lesson every week.
    • Single lessons - Helpful when an independent learner is struggling with a particular concept.
  2. Length of Course Depends on Type of Course:
    • Each Science lesson is 1/2 of a module.
    • Each non-science lesson is a single lecture (Math, Language Arts, and Government class sessions are determined by each teacher)
  3. Renting Our Recorded Only Courses Offer You the Flexibility To:
    • Do the course while still working independently without the assistance of a live instructor
    • Work at your own pace
    • Assign your own grades
    • Create your own syllabus, tests (use the test & solutions manual), assignments, lab assignments & schedule, etc.
    • See/hear common questions asked by real students and answered by the instructor
  4. You Have 12 Months to Access/Watch All Rented Classes.
  5. A Word About Technology:
    • Technology is both a blessing and curse. We choose to use it as a blessing. But occasionally it fails. Is is important to keep in mind that these are recordings of live classes and not professional studio-recorded episodes. They are recorded in real time are are subject to the technology at the time of the recording. Also, some time, date, and assignment references may not apply to you.
      • If there is an occasional lag in a class recording, simply wait and it usually picks up within a few minutes (the video may appear to freeze). This is usually due to your slow internet connection.
      • Webcam technology is not perfect. Although teachers use their webcam, it is not necessary. We want students focused on the notes & discussions. Sometimes a teacher will turn off the webcam if it is acting up.
      • The video is not always in sync with the sound due to varied connections while on the internet. Families with very high internet speed will have best experience.
      • If you opt for renting the current year, the Apologia Online Academy teacher will upload each lesson during the LIVE week. However, there may be upload delays due to numerous variables. Do NOT purchase current year classes if you need all class recordings on a regular schedule. For this we provide the previous year courses.
  6. There are NO REFUNDS for Recorded Only purchases.
    • Once you purchase/rent, you have full access to all video recordings. We have no control over what customers do with these including capturing the videos and downloading to their own system, which is not allowed. It is a very difficult process to get a refund through Vimeo. So please make sure this is the option you wish to purchase/rent. (the best option is always the LIVE classes)

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