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With the Biblical apologetics courses from Apologia Online Academy, students aged 12 and up are trained to answer the tough questions about the Christian faith. Courses are taught from a biblical worldview including our intense science courses which are strongly and effectively designed to prepare you for college and life. Choose from our 60-90 minute live classes broadcast straight to your computer (best option). Or rent individual or full course videos of our live classes. Read on, then click below to view class trailers and rent courses.

  1. Rent Individual/single lessons or entire year of classes:

    • You can rent the previous year in its entirety, 32 lessons/16 modules for Science Courses and 28-30 lessons for Bible Courses

    • Or you can rent the current year and wait for each lesson to appear in your account (a new lesson every week).

    • Or you can rent single lessons at a time. This is for those who do not need the entire course but only certain modules or lessons

  2. Each Science lesson is 1/2 of a module. Bible lessons are simply single lectures.

  3. Renting our courses means you are choosing to do the course ON YOUR OWN and AT YOUR OWN PACE and without Apologia Online Academy teachers. You do not have access to our professional teachers - please do not contact them with questions. This is an option only for Live/Graded students.

  4. You have 12 months to watch all classes.

  5. Lessons are uploaded weekly. If you are trying to stay on the time frame of the live classes, you'll need to purchase the previous year of classes (if available) and not depend on our live schedule.

  6. Technology Warning:
    • Technology is both a blessing and curse. We choose to use it as a blessing. But occasionally it fails.
      • Expect an occasional lag in a class recording. If there is, simply wait and it usually picks up within a few minutes (the video may appear to freeze)
      • Web cam technology is not perfect. Although most teachers use their web cam, it is not necessary. We want students focused on the notes & discussions. The video is not always in sync with the sound.
      • Please do not contact Apologia if you do not see a recorded class in your account every week. Apologia Online Academy does its best to upload all lessons during the LIVE week. However, there may be delays due to numerous variables. Do NOT purchase current year classes if a 100% on time upload is needed. This is why we provide the previous year courses.

  7. There are NO REFUNDS for Recorded Only purchases.

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