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"I am so pleased with the balance that your classes have...they are demanding enough to challenge, but not so overwhelming that the kids have a hard time keeping up. Your expectations are always fair and you really try to work with the families that you serve." - Michelle, Minnesota

"Thanks for all you do to make quality biblical teaching available. Sam is beginning a degree at a secular university this fall and his preparation through Apologia leaves him confident that he will be able to defend his faith in the secular classroom." - Nicole, Canada

"Your teaching and your willingness to take the time to explain things to me has encouraged me, strengthened me, and even helped me grow more determined to dig in and learn the material...Knowing that I could count on my teacher to be there for me, guide me, and help me has been something that I have clung to and have found encouragement in." - Adriana

"I have a stronger knowledge of Christian apologetics, and more of a need to become closer to God. You have answered my most confusing questions that held me at a distance from God." - Hanna

"What I liked best about the classes was how each classmate was from different parts of the country and also different parts of the world!"

"The thing I liked best about the online class was the way we were able to communicate with other kids to get their opinion on the module we were learning."

"You are setting our youth on fire and we need that backup as parent's in today's culture." - Courtney

"The thing I will miss most about this course is the ability to interact with everybody. Previously I had been home schooled all of my life and hadn't had very much interaction with real live class. This year (my first year of high school) I wanted to go to a real (public or christian) school, but circumstances arose which prevented me from going and I was not very excited about the new year school knowing that it would be the same kind of school I had done before. One day a few months before school began my mother approached me and told me that she had found a program where I could do school at home and still interact with other students. I was thrilled that I had finally found something that was right up my alley. This school year has been a wonderful adventure and experience and I look forward to coming back next year." - Robert

Worldview Apologetics Training

Christian Apologetics Class with Mr. Blythe:

"Before I took this apologetics class, I believed in God because my parents believed and took me to church. I was sheltered. All my friends were Christians as well, but there came a time where I needed find evidence for my faith. So, I was given a choice if I wanted to take an apologetics online class, and I jumped at the idea. First day of the class there was a cheerful man that was obsessed with everything Disney. I was skeptical at first, but as he spoke my eyes slowly opened until I was staring, wide eyed, at the truth and evidence. I believe in my faith now because I know I’m a sinner in need of saving, and I now know without a shadow of a doubt that it is Jesus the son of God." - Alex, Missouri

"...thanks for such an inspiring and uplifting class! I look forward to next time!" - Taliyah, Oregon

"I would say my favorite part of the class was probably just the general answer of being better equipped to defend the gospel, and to be ready to give answers to those who question the Christian faith. I feel like I received a lot of great information, and have learned so much over the past year. I liked the simple, straightforward evidences for God especially such as the Cosmological argument, the Teleological Argument, and the Moral Argument, and hope that I can be better equipped to share the gospel with others!" - Andrew, Iowa

"My favorite part of the class was the differentiation made between the Morman and Christian faiths. I have some Morman neighbors that, seemingly every year, try to convert us to that faith. This year they finally stopped because my family and I used some of the techniques taught in this class on them. This has been a great year of Bible and Apologetics and you have been a great teacher throughout. Thank you." - Zach, Texas

"Hey Mr. B! First off, thank you for teaching us and guiding us through these awesome debates we are watching! This is the best apologetics course I have ever taken and I love it so much!...Thank you so much! :D" - Alissa, Colorado

Exploring Creation with Biology - Second Edition

Biology & Advanced Biology with Mrs. Edmondson:

"Thank you for once again teaching...! You are very soundly one of the most favorite of tutors in [our] homeschool, so thank you for coming alongside us! We've had some difficult years at this house, and have appreciated Apologia, but our girls sing resounding praises for you especially. ...Have a blessed summer!" Deb (Mom)

"Thank you for your dedication to your students and class! I have so enjoyed overhearing the class as [my daughter] is logged on - and I’m going about my work around the house. I appreciate you! You are funny and intelligent, and a gifted teacher. I’m so delighted that [my daughter] was able to attend such a great science class this past year.
Kim (parent)

"I loved this class so much! You are my favorite science teacher Mrs. Edmondson, because you are so passionate about learning all about God's beautiful creation and then sharing it with others! My favorite part of this year was you! You always explain things in a comprehensive and exciting manner, and encourage your students to study and learn more! I also really loved the review game, it was a great way for me to quickly review before starting a new module. There really wasn't anything I disliked about this year. Some of the experiments I could not do, but that is mostly due to COVID-19 (unrelated to this class) and I was still able to find pictures of the experiments online. Thank you so much for everything Mrs. Edmondson, you were a fantastic teacher this year, and I am going to miss you. God Bless You!"Maria

"I just want you to know you were one of the best teachers I have ever had (I have been to school so that says a little more than you think ; ) and I found it so easy to learn from you. I tend to not do well with sciences like this because I am not very good at memorizing but I learned so much and was able to memorize! I'm so sad I can not have you as my teacher again but my little brother...is having you next year and I am so excited that he will be in your class! : ) thank you for a wonderful year of class.. you made Biology one of my favorite classes this year! thank you for teaching me, you made a real impact on me. I will miss your class! thank you again, have a good day and summer!" - Rachel : )

"Mrs. Edmondson, I must tell you a great tale concerning Hunter...and her delight in what she is learning in your class. Yesterday the doctor ordered some lab work to be done in regards to her migraines, they filled up about 5 tubes of blood for the tests. As we were leaving she turns to me and says. "Well, I am leaving with less connective tissue than I went in with. Now my body must do mitosis." Of course, I had to have her explain what in the world she was talking about, but it was quite the fun lesson! Today she comes home and says she has figured out that if they took 1/8 of a cup of blood it will take about 3.5 days for her body to replace it. Then I had the delight in hearing how some cells can do mitosis and others cannot. She is really enjoying what she is learning. Thank you for giving her this delight in science!" - Keleigh

"I want to thank you for teaching this class this year. It has been amazing! There were many times I got to sit in, and I was impressed with how you were able to teach such a "hands on" type of class online. I had A&P in college myself, and I was able to recapture a lot that I had "forgotten" over the years. Let me especially commend you on how you handled the subject matter in Module 16. Your perspective was very biblical, and I am sure that the "awe" you communicated to the students will go a long way in how they appreciate sexuality as an amazing design by our Creator! Have a wonderful summer! I am advising all my friends to try Apologia online courses because of our experience! :)" - Debbie, parent of an Apologia Online Academy student

"I want to stop and thank you for all of the wisdom and kind encouragement you provided [my son] this semester. You have been used by God to under-gird his quest for understanding science. We would not have had a successful semester without you. Most importantly, thank you for taking the time out of your day to research and answer his very many questions. He always felt "satisfied" with his understanding after speaking to you. You have encouraged him and appreciated his queries and I am grateful." - Kelly, parent of an Apologia Online Academy student

"Before I started the class, I thought that I was going to hate it, and I was going to do very bad in it. But this is my favorite science class that I have ever taken! I LOVE the class meetings! I LOVE your tests! And I LOVE the way you teach us the material! I feel very blessed to have a great science teacher like you!" - Isabelle

"Thank you for the tremendous job you are doing with this class! We have been very pleased with the presentation detail and the timeliness with which you return graded projects. As a homeschooling mother, I know how demanding life can be and wanted to let you know your hard work is appreciated!" - Angie, parent of an Apologia Online Academy student

"I miss our class already. Your enthusiasm caused my interest in the natural sciences to grow exponentially. Before your class I had never considered any science major, but thanks to you I am now considering studying biology with a concentration in neuroscience." - Taylor

"I asked [my daughter] the other day who her favorite teacher was this year (she has several other online teachers...) and she said 'Mrs. Edmondson for sure!' I asked her why and the #1 reason was because she knew you were praying for her and that you were always kind and easy to ask questions of. She also said that you made learning biology fun and she just flat out loved the course. I stuck my head in all the time during the chats and I witnessed the integrity of your course, the stellar preparation, and the excellent level of instruction all around." - Krista, parent of an Apologia Online Academy student

"You have challenged [my son] this year, but have helped him in his decision to go into nursing at PCC this fall. I have also enjoyed getting to know you this year. Thank you for being such a great teacher!" - Parent of an Apologia Online Academy student

Exploring Creation with Biology - Second Edition

Biology with Mrs. Fowler

"Thank you so much for teaching me! I had such a fun time this year and you are by far my favorite Apologia teacher. I will no longer be taking any more apologia classes so thank you for making homeschooling a blast." - Isabel, Colorado

"Thank-you so much for the great work you did and the influence you were for Phares these past few years. He will always have fond memories and has learned so much!" - Lavina, parent of an Apologia Online Academy student, Pennsylvania

"Mrs. Fowler, I want to thank you so much for your excellent administration of this course for my son. I am so grateful for your godly influence on him and REALLY appreciate you teaching him a subject that I would not have been able to do very well. You have impacted Gabe more than we will ever know in a physical sense." - Cheri, parent of an Apologia Online Academy student, Alabama

"What I will miss most about this class is the way we prayed in the videos at the beginning of class. Some may not think much of it, but it puts me in the right mind set. It reminds me that God is the reason for everything and it gives me a purpose to learn. I am going to miss this class, and I am very thankful for a teacher who constantly reminded us of how amazing God's creation is. :)" - Liz

"Well most importantly, I will miss your humor. I loved all of those little jokes you put up. that was one of the reasons I couldn't wait to come to class. Another thing I will miss is all of the experiments and stories we were all able to share with each other. I will miss having an amazing teaching like you. by far you are one of my favorite teachers, other then my mom, because of the way you teach and how your always so open when I need help. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have by my opinion one of the best teachers in the world." - Seth

"On behalf of the whole family and especially Matthew. We thank you so much for making Biology fun, interactive, and captivating. Matthew enjoyed your class. He looked forward to attending each week. I watched often alongside of Matthew and it was worth every penny. Thank also for being understanding to our challenges this past year." - Parent of an Apologia Online Academy student

"I will miss two things. 1: I will miss all my class mates. My class mates made class fun and enjoyable and interesting with a little humor involved! 2: I will miss you. Before this year I wasn't a kid who liked science or was good at it. That all changed when I took biology with you! You helped me realize that science was amazing. I mean we got to study amazing complex life forms that God created! You helped me realize the importance of studying God's creations in complex ways! This year I had so much fun with science and I hope to take advanced biology with you in a couple years!" - Owen

"The first thing I am going to miss in this class is your teaching. You're an incredible teacher. You take the time to answer everyone questions, make sure that everyone understands the material, and always ask if people are having difficulties hearing or watching videos. I would like to say thank you for that. You have a gift and I pray you continue to use it, and thrive! I will miss my fellow students in the class because they made it fun and enjoyable." - Jayedon

Exploring Creation with General Science - Second Edition

math with mrs. pennington:

"My daughter Katherine really enjoyed your Algebra II and she actually felt like she learned it well from you" -Parent

"I wanted to thank you for being such a gracious teacher and for a great year! Thank you for all the time and effort and classes and everything, I really appreciate it! :)" –Daryan H

"Thank you so much for being a great teacher. I’ve been learning a lot and have been having fun with math".  -Vanessa V

"Hi, thanks for the message in the recording! It was really encouraging! I thought it was really good way to speak to nonbelievers and clearly present what Jesus Christ did for us".   -Cameron L

"Just know that I appreciate how you teach, it's clear, concise, and makes a subject I was dreading for years just a little more familiar"  -Caleb S

Exploring Creation with Chemistry - Third Edition

chemistry, physics, adv chem & adv physics with Mr. Martin:

"My daughter...has taken several High school science classes during her homeschooling years. We have always been pleased with the quality of the instructors. Apology has been a great fit for our family! We appreciate all that Apologia does for the HS community. I would like to praise Mr. Dan Martin for an excellent job! He has had an amazing impact on my daughter's enjoyment of chemistry. His teaching ability and "real life" application of the material has been enriching. He is truly an asset to your organization. His class has been a blessing to my daughter! It is too often that we point out discrepancies and not give praise where it is due. I hope Mr. Martin is recognized for his abilities. Thank you." - Tonya

Noah: Thanks for all your help this past year. I've loved being in your classes and learning from you. After I graduate this year, I'm planning on majoring in Physics at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. It's thanks to your letter of recommendation that I got accepted so thank you again! Since I'm going into Physics, what chapters from the books (Exploring Physics and Adv. Physics) should I focus on to keep my foundations steady? I would like to know which ones are the most important for learning college level Physics. Thanks again for all your help!

Chloe: Dear Mr. Martin,

I wanted to thank you for teaching me this year. I am not going to lie, when I started Chemistry I hated it. Normally I can pick up new subjects pretty well and it would be a breeze. But Chemistry was a completely different story. It was challenging to me. It was a lot of hard work and in order to understand everything I would have to take my time with everything. And let me tell you, that was not appealing to me at all. So for almost the whole first semester, it was definitely not my favorite thing to do, so I only gave half of my effort, which probably made things ten times harder so I don’t know what my reasoning was there. Then as time went on, I realized that the material was not causing the problem, I was. In order for me to get this, I needed to put in the work. So as the second semester rolled around, I really tried. And it actually was pretty fun! When I really focused on the book and tired the examples, classes made sense and tests where less stressful. Now you may be wondering why I say all this. Well I wanted to say that this course taught me a valuable lesson. Not everything will come easy to me because that is just how things work. When that happens, I should not give up. I need to put in the work and time some extra time to try my best. I wasted an entire semester dragging my feet just because it was a difficult subject, If I would have just buckled down and worked diligently, I would have enjoyed this subject the entire year not just half of it. So because of that, I am very thankful for this class.

I also wanted to thank you for teaching. Your classes are seriously so helpful and I think you are hilarious. The examples you use give me a really good picture of everything. I am also so thankful that you make an effort to try different approaches and don’t just recite the textbook mindlessly. The class is and never was boring either. So thank you for teaching me this year. I will miss this class and all your jokes you slide in. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Adelaide: I was a physics student of yours two years ago and then I also watched your Advanced Physics lecture videos last year. I started at Penn State this past year studying engineering as a seventeen year old.

I just wanted to let you know how well your class prepared me for college courses. My first semester, my intro to engineering design professor asked to use my group’s lab report as an example of a report for future classes. She said she hadn’t seen a report that good. Then Physics 1 went smoothly this past semester went thanks to you giving me a solid understanding of physics. My physics lab partner said I was a beast at lab reports haha. And now I know why calculus makes finding velocity and acceleration so much easier! ;) I finished both semesters with a 4.0.

I attribute much of my interest in science and engineering for your passion for science and skill as a teacher. Your class put me on the path towards engineering and I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you. Keep up the good work!

Jeremiah: I don't know if you remember me, but I took your online classes my freshman, sophomore and junior years. This year I am a senior and am a full-time PSEO student at Crown College. I am taking an online Biology class there. After taking Biology and Chemistry with you I have felt very prepared for this class, especially from a lab report standpoint. I just received feedback on my first college lab report and received a score of 100% and an excellent review from my professor. I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you put in to help me learn how to write a good lab report. I was really encouraged when I got my score so I thought I would just send you an email expressing my thankfulness. Once again I appreciate all that you did to help me, and others, to learn.

Danielle: Hi Mr. Martin. I just wanted to thank you for all that you’ve taught me this school year through chemistry. To be honest, I thought I would end up failing chemistry because I’m a biology girl, not a chemistry girl. But, I was wrong. I’m hopefully going to end this chemistry course with a bang on the last test.

The reason I’ve gone this far in chemistry is because of you. I would read some of the text and was like, “What the heck is that supposed to mean? I’ll just wait until Monday for class because Mr. Martin will make it make sense.” And when class time came around, I was astonished about how easy you made it sound and how complicated the book made it sound. If I did this course by myself, I probably would have failed. So I thank you for helping me pass chemistry.

Also, thank you for helping me see how intricate and complex things are! Learning about things like that give me even more respect and awe for the Creator. I pray that as you continue teaching chemistry that God will continue to use you to bless other students lives just as you did mine.

Thank you for all that you have done this school year and all that you did in my life during this short year. I will forever remember you and your class and the impact you had in my life.

Cate: It's hard to believe the school year is wrapping up! I wanted to write to tell you how grateful I am for your amazing teaching!! I appreciate the time you took to teach, grade assignments, and answer any questions us students had. Chemistry was definitely a bit challenging for me, but your lectures really helped (I was sad that Tuesday was our last lecture :( ). It was fascinating to learn more about the complexity and ingenuity of creation through chemistry. I enjoyed the challenge of it, and I appreciated your thoroughness and precision in assignments. I feel well prepared for my upcoming science courses. I sadly won't be able to take physics with you next year :( because I am starting a high school program (Running Start) at my local community college this fall. When I took my chemistry placement test earlier in the spring, I placed into General Chemistry 1, which I am registered for! I plan on completing the series (GenChem 1-3) while at the community college. Thank you again for the chemistry class! I am so glad to have had you as my first chemistry teacher! I hope you and your family have a great summer!! :)

David: I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful two years of science courses! Not only did I learn a lot, I enjoyed it too. Your teaching made the courses much more understandable while tying the concepts into the real world. Thank you for writing me the letter of recommendation as well, I will try to keep you updated on my college situation. I am currently planning to take some exploratory courses next year, in order to decide on a major so that I can find a good college for that major. I hope you continue to teach, and wish you the best of luck with your first baby! Thanks for everything,

Aiden: I was in your chemistry class. I am currently at the Naval Academy Preparatory School in preparation to attend the U.S. Naval Academy. The chemistry teachers here have informed me that my high school chemistry teacher did a very good job instilling in me the foundations of college chemistry. I am using all of the skills I used in your class, and it's helping me to keep ahead and excel in the chemistry classroom and homework.

Exploring Creation with Biology - Second Edition

Biology with Mrs. Price:

"Just wanted to say thank you. I was talking to a physician's assistant yesterday, telling her about my 5th grader's and 11th grader's science next year and that we would be doing dissection. She was totally amazed. She has been teaching a physiology and anatomy class at the community college. She said that she is having to teach them how to dissect. I thought everyone learned that in high school. Guess not. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and to learn at a level they are capable of."

Who is God?

What We Believe series Class with Mr. Webb:

"Thank you for an awesome year of Apologia! We really enjoyed it." - Grace & Isaac, Canada

“Thanks, Mr. Webb. It was fun to have you has my teacher. It was easy to learn and understand from you. I learned a lot about the Lord and being a good child who is loving, caring, and helpful.” — Sophie N.

“I'll miss you guys so much! ??? I had such a great year...???” — Joshua C.

“I can’t wait for the next class!” — Theo C.

Grace & Isaac