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(No Teacher Grading)

How to Rent Recorded Only Courses

Homeschool Co-Op groups and other on-location schools can rent recorded courses at special pricing designed specifically for your group. This option includes an account on our Apologia Online Academy Vimeo store containing the entire year of 32 sessions in our Science Department or 28-32 sessions in our other departments. You must be connected to the internet when you stream these videos. You do not have access to an Apologia teacher and you do all your own grading, assignments, etc. You simply have access to lectures by our Apologia-trained teachers.


  • Apologia copyrighted media content cannot be used for online use outside of official Apologia channels and Apologia Online Academy.
  • Each Science lesson is 1/2 of a module. Bible lessons are simply single lectures.

Rental Purchase

  1. One (1) online Vimeo rental will cover up to 12 students.
  2. Over 12 students, the institution/co-op will need to buy a seat license for each additional student through the main Apologia office.
  3. For Academy Science recorded classes, seats over 12 students are $39/per student and are good for one year.
  4. For Academy Bible, Apologetics, Worldview recorded classes, seats over 12 students are $15/per student and are good for one year.


  1. No online account sharing outside a household or in a co-op classroom.
  2. For online media, at least one unique account is required per household/co-op (see student limitations above).
  3. No copying of online content is allowed.
  4. No viewing of online content outside a household or in a co-op group. The co-op leader or teacher is to retain the copy. Families desiring to watch a lesson at home, must purchase or rent a personal copy.

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