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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost for teacher-graded courses (LIVE & RECORDED)? 

Our classes are interactive, live, and dynamic. Our goal is to assist your student in learning the material, asking questions, hearing additional ideas, and mastering the subject. (for SELF-PACED rented videos & costs, click "SELF-PACED COURSES")

  • Included Departments: Science, Mathematics, Language & Literature
    • Course Fee: $638 per course/per student (click HERE for discounts for multiple students or classes).
      • Additional fees:  Registration Fee: $47.50+$2.50=$50 (not refundable. Our registration company adds $2.50 to each registration. )
        • Example: $638+$47.50=$685.50+$2.50=$688. If EarlyBird: $638+$47.50=$685.50-15%+$2.50=$585.17 (Total)
      • Required Materials:  after you register, you'll receive a syllabus with a list of required materials. Most you will purchase separately from Apologia.com
  • Included Departments:  Christian Worldview & American Government (Constitution Literacy)
    • Course Fee: $358.00 per course/per student (click HERE for discounts for multiple students or classes).
      • Additional fees: Registration Fee: $27.50+$2.50=$30 (not refundable. Our registration company adds $2.50 to each registration.)
        • Example:  $358+$27.50=$385.50+$2.50=$388. If EarlyBird: $358+$27.50=$385.50-15%+$2.50=$330.17
      • Required Materials: (see individual classes HERE)
  • Don't forget to use a discount PROMO code during checkout.            RETURN
2. Are payment plans available?

Yes! We are sensitive to the challenge for some of paying in full for courses, so we offer an optional payment plan. There are no additional fees for choosing a payment plan. However, all courses must be paid in full by the 2nd week of class (the first full week of September). Payment plans are not offered after August 1st. Choose "Pay over time" at checkout ($75 or $100 - this is deducted from your total due). Once classes begin (the last week of August) you must pay in full. Registration ends September 7 unless otherwise stated by specific classes (some may differ)

  • Click "Pay over time" option at checkout - Pay $75 or $100 per class or student at checkout (Science, Math, & Language/Lit courses = $100 deposit. Worldview & Govt courses = $75 deposit - these are NOT additional costs but are part of your total tuition). 
  • Payments are automatically debited *monthly in equal amounts through September 15 of the current year (on registration anniversary).
    • * If you register 3 weeks or less before classes begin, payments are debited weekly (depending on class and account balance).   RETURN
3. Are discounts available for course fees & textbook purchases?

(discounts cannot be combined with other discounts)  RETURN

4. What am I paying for when I enroll in graded courses?
  • LIVE Personal and professional instruction by qualified teachers in the sciences (masters, bachelor, and doctorate degrees); Christian theologians and apologists in the Bible, Apologetics, and Worldview Department. In all LIVE classes, students communicate via the live chat box. If they wish to use their microphone for a question or discussion, they can ask the teacher for permission. All attendees can hear the student speak (teachers have control of all mics). Most teachers can be seen on their live webcam. Students cannot be seen.
  • Weekly 60-90-minute classes and a total of 32 sessions (16 per semester) in most Departments (30 sessions /15 per semester in some Departments - see teacher for specifics). Math Department meets twice a week, 45 minutes each. Teachers prepare lectures to assist students with what they have studied during the week. Time is available during class for discussion and questions. Students are expected to interact in class by asking questions and making comments when prompted. Weekly classes are not meant to be a substitute for homework and class preparation. If students do not ask a lot of questions, classes may be shortened. Class duration is an estimate, not a standard.
  • Student portal and study site 24/7. Each student receives a unique username and password for access to their very own web page that includes all notes, syllabus, assignments, tests, quizzes, and other extras.
  • Professional Grading: Most assignments, tests, quizzes, papers, etc. are graded by the teacher and posted on the student portal.
    • Physics with Mr. Martin grading example:
      • Students work problems in the text and check their work using the solution manual.
      • They also work labs on their own.
      • Parents check both of these sets of items as complete at the end of semester 1 in January and at the end of semester 2 in May.
      • The check-in process is built to last 10 minutes (maximum) since the scores are completion based.
      • The instructor grades all online exams and 4 formal laboratory reports that are assigned throughout the year over selected labs from the text.
      • Each lab is looked over twice. Once for rough drafting and for providing annotated feedback to students and again to grade the final draft.
  • Textbooks/Required Materials: These are separated costs depending on the class and are not a part of any enrollment costs. Many families have their own materials and/or pass textbooks down from one child to the next.
  • Class Recordings: Full access to previously recorded classes and our professional virtual classroom. The AdobeConnect® web conferencing network gives you access to notes, slides, pictures, web pages, audio and video clips, chat features, and our whiteboard where teachers write class notes on a real (virtual) whiteboard.   RETURN


  • Please see specific classes for age suggestion (Science age suggestions listed below). In general, Apologia Online Academy is for Jr. High (Middle School) through High School. Adults are also welcome to take classes.
  • Apologia Online Academy does not have classes for elementary grades. (exception:  Our What We Believe classes can be taken by 6 grade and above students)
  • General grade suggestions our Science curriculum targets and recommended by most institutions in the USA: (click for Course Sequencing chart)
    • Health & Nutrition:  (prerequisites: None - Recommend Grades 8-10 - goes well with 9th grade Biology)
    • General Science:  7th
    • Physical Science:  8th (prerequisite: 7th grade math)
    • Biology:  9th
      • Marine Biology (Biology prerequisite)
    • Chemistry:  10th (prerequisite:  Algebra 1)
      • Advanced Biology: The Human Body (prerequisite: Biology & Chemistry)
    • Physics:  11th (prerequisite:  Algebra 1, Geometry, basic Trigonometry functions)
    • Advanced Chemistry (prerequisite:  Chemistry & Algebra 2)
    • Advanced Physics (prerequisite:  Physics & Pre-calculus)     RETURN
6. is apologia online academy accredited?
  • We are NOT the school - YOU are. Accreditation is unnecessary because you are the authorized & legal educational institution. Please read the HSLDA FAQ's found here regarding accreditation.
  • There should be no acceptance problems with your local school (private or public) or college as long as you kept records and created your own transcripts. Bottom line: They MUST give credit because it was under the authority of the homeschool educational organization (YOUR homeschool). It is irrelevant who assisted in your home education. You do NOT need to be accredited nor do your co-ops or others who help with your home education. Your transcripts show that your child had Biology (for example) under the authority of your homeschool. Public schools don't list all the special speakers that came in from time to time to teach class x. Additionally, many public High Schools are NOT  themselves accredited. But colleges recognize these public high school diplomas as if they were issued by accredited organizations. 
  • Apologia Academy is an excellent educational source for your homeschool, which is the legitimate, legal educational institution. We assist co-ops, private, and home schools with their education in the sciences, mathematics, Government, Bible, apologetics, and world view courses. We provide expert instruction while the student works at home. 
  • Your homeschool is the educational institution that supplies transcripts, grades (you can copy/save the grades provided by our teachers), proof of attendance, all record keeping, hours of time spent on various courses, etc. When you take Apologia Online Academy's live, online classes from our doctorate, master's, and B.S. degreed instructors, you receive grades based on your students work during the semesters. Grades are copied and printed by you, the authorized educational institution, and turned into transcripts, credits, etc. (whatever your homeschool determines it needs for any other institution including public schools).
  • So "accreditation" for online schools like Apologia Online Academy who assist homeschool institutions is irrelevant. Any online school claiming "accreditation" is either replacing your homeschool and is acting as the official educational institution (counter-productive to the homeschool movement, but legitimate if that's what you want to do) or is trying to look more "official" when in truth is not technically necessary.   RETURN
7. Are Refunds available if I need to withdraw/drop a student?
  • Dropping a class before August 1st:  full refund (see Terms & Conditions link). ($30 & $50 registration fee is non-refundable)
  • Dropping a class August 1st to the day before classes begin:  Total paid -20% ($30 & $50 registration fee is non-refundable)
  • After classes begin, first 2 weeks only:  Total paid -30% ($30 & $50 registration fee is non-refundable)
  • After the 2nd week of classes there are no refunds.
  • Drop fees are imposed because teachers have already been paid for your student(s), administration activities and other labors have been performed in great detail, classes have been prepared including your Student Portal, assignments, teacher prep, notes, lessons, test creation, and many other duties performed for you and your student(s) beginning in August. These fees are carefully thought out and designed to be fair to both customer and company.
  • (Self-Paced/Recorded Only/Not-Graded courses have no refunds available).   RETURN
8. What are "RECORDED-GRADED" classes?

If you are unable to attend a LIVE class but want teacher interaction & professional grading, you may choose this option. Students have full access just like LIVE students and must turn in their work on time. Recordings are usually ready to view immediately after the live class. What may delay this? 1. A failed recording, 2. A teacher with back-to-back classes - he or she may not be able to post the new recording until later that day, 3. Waiting for a better recording: if a teacher has identical classes, she may use the recording from a later class, even from the next day.   RETURN

9. What are "self-paced" or "self-paced / Non-Graded" classes?

You may purchase (rent) for 12 full months individual class sessions, or the entire year. CLICK HERE for more. There are no refunds when purchasing SELF-PACED classes. If you would like to see samples, please CLICK HERE.   RETURN

10. What if a teacher is unavailable for a live online class session?

Any instructor who is ill or cannot teach a particular session will do one of two things:

  • Have all students watch a recorded class and report completion before the next class.
  • A substitute will fill in live for the teacher. In the unlikely event that neither one or two is possible, the class will be made up at a later date convenient to all. You will always have 32 full sessions in the Science Department, and 30 in the Bible/Apologetics/Worldview Department.   RETURN
11. Are lab experiments performed in the live online classes and recorded online classes?

Laboratory experiments are performed at home per textbook instructions and are reported to the teacher. Our online classes (Jr. High through High School) assign significant importance to teaching students how to write effective formal lab reports. A large part of the yearly grade is determined by the lab reports. Some teachers may show video clips of the labs, perform them live during an online live class, etc., but will always answer questions students may have about the labs they completed prior to the live online class.

    • EXAMPLE:  For the Advanced Biology course with Mrs. Fowler, all of the experiments/labs in the text are expected to be completed by the student at home. These are thoroughly discussed in class beforehand, so the student fully understands the assignments, and videos are provided for the dissections. A lab report is to be written for each lab and kept in a notebook for general grading; a minimum of one formal lab report per semester is submitted to the instructor for item-by-item grading. All tests are graded by the instructor as well.    RETURN

12. do we have to do real dissections? why can't we just watch them online, virtually?

Why Perform Dissections at Home with Apologia Online Academy?

From Loisann Fowler, Apologia Online Academy Instructor:  There is an amazing awareness of God’s power of creation as we observe the various parts of living organisms. As you identify that the heart is made of tough and muscular material and how it is centrally located to the body versus the softer kidneys or the other organs and their placement, you begin to ask yourself, “How did these cells ‘know’ to form this as they divided? How do heart cells know to be heart cells and how do liver cells know to be liver cells? What is driving this complexity?” This experience drives us to a better understanding of the power of our Creator.

There is rich detail beyond words when participating in a dissection, which cannot be experienced through watching a video. Is it messy? It can be. Does it take some forethought and preparation? Certainly, but less than many think. Among Academy students, we hear repeatedly, “The dissection was so cool! I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was my favorite part of this class!” Even the most reluctant express, “Though I didn’t necessarily enjoy it, I’m glad I did it.”

From Sherri Seligson, scientist and author of Exploring Creation with Marine Biology:  [Live dissections] prepare us in many ways for adulthood. Watching a video of a dissection removes us from deep observation. We look at the images and may just think everything is “gross.” But when you are doing a dissection for yourself, you are more aware of what living beings look like on the inside. You are learning more than you realize. As a parent, I cannot tell you how many times it was helpful to me to know and understand what makes up our bodies. Through stitches, broken bones, other injuries and sicknesses, I have a greater understanding of how to care for my children and to be there for them as they are scared with blood running down their forehead or with swelling ankles.

Matt Barclay, Apologia Online Academy Instructor, Video Producer at Apologia:  Instead of visiting Disneyland, the beach, or their favorite vacation destination, would we rather watch a video of someone else at that same location? Of course not. Why not? Because it’s not the same as being there. There’s a true value in experience. Listening to a recording of a symphony isn’t the same as sitting in the orchestra seats and feeling the resonance in your whole body. When asked about why he preferred stage acting to movies, Kevin Spacey answered “breath.” He went on to explain that on the stage, you share your very breath with the audience. There’s a real difference in being there.

Not going into science in college or later in life is not the point either. Although the student may change her mind, we don't 'dumb-down' other topics. As a seminarian, I didn't refuse to take Greek and Hebrew since I wasn't planning on being a linguist. In Bible College, it was required to take a missionary course on building structures. I knew I was not called to be a missionary and had no plans to build a church in a foreign land. Wow, was I wrong. Although I did not go to the mission field and build a building, and even though I fought the course all the way through, I used the knowledge over and over throughout my life. In High School, as much as I disliked History, I had to experience the entire discipline. Now I love History even though I didn't take it in College and did not go into a vocation using History (well, actually I did to some degree...). The discipline in doing real dissections will be used broadly in the future and in life. We believe they indeed are necessary for future college plans. This is how we see it and are aware others see it differently.

And, these are some of the reasons we expect Apologia Online Academy students to do the dissections in our sciences.  RETURN

13. What speed Internet do I need?

Any speed will do as long as it is NOT dial-up (is that still available?). Apologia Online Academy uses Adobe Connect Meetings for classes. Please go to the following site to test your connection and computer: ADOBE CONNECT MEETINGS TEST.   RETURN


Log in to your account and begin registration (students are added to your account ONLY by registering them - you cannot add a student who is not registered).  RETURN

15. email support vs. phone support

Great assistance with accuracy must have follow up and include a paper trail (for clarity) pertaining to your questions & support needs. Many large companies have started using email as the primary form of communication. Most questions are easily answered on the FAQS & FEES page. We are happy to answer all your questions. But we can answer almost 10 times the amount of questions via email. Read on:

  • We can answer emails at a rate of 10 to 1 over calls. Crazy, right? Apologia Online Academy can serve the public much quicker via email, which takes an average of 3-5 minutes compared to phone calls at about 15-30 min each.
  • If you are unable to find an answer, feel free to call Customer Service at  1-888-524-4724
  • Summary: After perusing the FAQS & FEES page, please feel free to ask as many specific questions as you wish via EMAIL. RETURN


The registration system does NOT take non-USA State & Zip (option will be added later). When entering your address:

  1. Enter your real address.
  2. Enter "ME" for State and "04007" for Zip (04007 - like James Bond!!!)
    Yes, it'll work just fine. Thank you.  RETURN

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