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  1. REGISTRATION DISCOUNTS: PROMO code= total cost of classes (Copy/paste appropriate code at checkout - see section below)
    • 5%: Returning Student from last year (not 2 or more years ago). CODE:  RETURNSTUDENT
    • 5%: Paying in FULL at checkout. CODE:  FULLPAYTODAY
    • 5%: Register for 2 students or 2 classes:  2STUDENTS or 2CLASSES
    • 10%: Military or Missionary (currently active). CODE: MISSIONARYMILITARY
    • 10%: Register for 3+ students or 3+ classes:  3STUDENTS or 3CLASSES
    • FREE CLASS:  Multiple classes in one immediate family:
      • If a family registers for 5 or more classes, they may take a 6th class at no cost. Please contact us BEFORE registering for class #6 (immediate family members only)
  2. FREE CLASS! MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT: (Through July 30 only)
    • Purchase/Register 5 classes or more and we will refund your 6th class! Two options:
      1. Register for 5, then email (assistance@apologiaonlineacademy.com) with 6th class choice
      2. If you registered for 6+ classes before contacting us as above, contact us and we'll refund the least expensive class.
    • Must be SAME IMMEDIATE FAMILY - cannot use this discount for friends, neighbors, co-ops, or other than immediate family.
    • Can be combined with regular discounts too
  3. Missionary/Military Discount for Textbooks:
    • Active missionaries and military may receive a 40% discount for Apologia Textbooks by visiting https://www.apologia.com/discounts/ for complete information
    • For Apologia Online Academy registration discounts, see below.


How to Receive the Tuition Discounts

  1. Register for desired class(es).
  2. At check-out page, enter appropriate PROMO CODE as found below. Only one discount can be applied at checkout
  3. Click "Apply PROMO Code" (during registration, not here).
    • If you do not click the APPLY link, you will NOT receive a discount - we have no control over this.
    • Discounts cannot be added after you register. 
  4. PROMO Codes below are actual codes to use during checkout. Do not use PROMO codes that do not apply to you.

5%:  returnstudent

10%:  missionarymilitary

5%:  fullpaytoday
5%:  2classes (or 2students)
(classes discount for classes or students)
10%: 3classes (or 3students)
(if you register for 3 or more)
free 6th class: see above for details
(no code)

promo Discount for entire purchase